Some Boyd Orr Centre Events – Getting together, getting educated and getting zombies

Just thought I’d update the locals on some things happening associated with the Boyd Orr Centre. On Friday (May 31st) there is the ‘Boyd Orr Centre Away Day’ which has been organised by Louise Matthews with the help of Minnie Parmiter and Richard Orton and as we did last year, will be held in the Hilton Hotel in the West End of Glasgow. This is a chance for us to meet up as a group, get an opportunity to see what others are doing (both via talks and posters) and in general see more about what the Boyd Orr Centre as a whole is about. As with last year, we’ve invited one ‘extra-mural’ speaker; Adam Kleczkowski from Stirling University.

Glasgow Science FestivalOn June 6th, in association with the Glasgow Science Festival, Shaun Killen (who is a behavioural physiologist and a member of the Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine to which many of us belong) and I will be part of ‘Zombie Science Night’ at Nice’N’Sleazy down on Sauciehall St in central Glasgow. We’ll being following on from a comedy science presentation from the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies with a Q&A on the science behind the zombies. The evening will wrap up with a viewing of the original Sam Raimi ‘Evil Dead’ movie.   Btw, Shaun is definitely the funny one – I’ll have to play the straight man and hope for the best!

This will be followed up by a Boyd Orr Centre exhibit at the ‘Science Sunday’ event on June 9th, which is a big opportunity to engage with the general public. Last year one of the most popular things we did was a competition using the Sneeze Game, an online game where you infect others with a disease and see how far it spreads.

epicThis year we’ll have some new stuff up, including  posters displaying the work of the ‘Scottish Centre for Animal Disease Outbreaks’ also known as ‘EPIC‘ which is a consortium of institutions mandated to provide advice to the Scottish Government on infectious diseases of livestock problems in Scotland, and to which the Boyd Orr Centre makes a significant contribution. There will be a competition based on a quiz where you put yourself in the shoes of a Government policy advisor – for example ‘Foot-and-mouth disease – do you vaccinate or not?’ We’ll also have at least one poster up explaining the true science behind zombies. zombiesSo a lot of things going on, if you are in Glasgow please come down to the Science Festival and support it. And do come say hello … we’ll be waiting for you …


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